About Clemens Hourrière :

 Hello , my name is Clemens Hourrière alias Hard Rock Günther or Günther Rock. I am a Paris-based sound producer/director, musician and sound designer.

My first experience with sound was performing in bands as a teenager .I started recording music and sounds when I bought a 4 track reel to reel and a crappy mixer.
After receiving my degree for sound engineering , I worked as an intern for the IRCAM institution (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique).

Afterwards I started an independent record company called Q-tape records with the objective to release original music and reissue long lost albums.
During this time I worked digitalising reel to reel archives from the Institut National des Archives (I.N.A) .
As a solo composer and member of numerous bands; I’ve worked in many styles, including : Indy Rock, Garage rock, Abstract Hip-Hop, Psych Rock, Minimalism, Electronic music…
I toured in Europe and Us with the Band Turzi.
I started an internship at W.A.M   (World Advertising Movies / Publicis) now Prodigious Brand Logistics and secured the job of Sound producer.
I enjoy my work because of the variety of the ever-evolving workload.

At W.A.MI ve had the opportunity to record many different styles like Jazz, electro, Pop, Rock, Orchestral music…
I’ve learned to work under pressure with deadlines and tight Schedules.
I am passionate about music and sound and enjoy interacting with different musicians and artists.

I collect vinyl records and instruments from many different countries, and build and repair instruments, which has taught me more and more about the world of electronics.

Analog equipment is my favorite and incorporate it as much as I can using my Nagra reel to reel tape recorder, old tape echo units, Studer mixer, analog synthesizers …



Speaking languages : French / German / English

Music Software : Logic Audio / Protools

Instruments played : Keyboards, Guitar, Bass…

Training : Sound Engineer; music Business affair (bases).


About the Sound Producer / Sound Director Job :

 Sound Producers work closely with singers, actors and other entertainment professionals to make sure that the sound they create is just right. In order to achieve desired results, they have to know how to properly communicate with performers, recording assistants and others. During post-production and mixing, sound producers blend recorded clips of vocals and instruments to achieve a certain sound. For movie or television projects, these professionals focus on how sound effects and music line up with visual cues.

Audio producers and engineers can also put their own creative skills to use by making original sounds or music. For example, they may use computer programs and an assortment of other tactile objects or musical instruments to create customized sound effects.

There are also in charge of the production budget and Schedule.